Sending love to whomever needs it.

Connecting family, friends, and loved ones in order to show love and support to little warriors fighting big battles.

Great for Unity

These bracelets are wonderful for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and more to show love and support for the families going through hard times.

Great for Fundraising

Bracelets can be bought in bulk, so they can be used in fundraisers or benefits to raise money for a cause. Additionally, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to non profits focusing on helping children going through medical journeys.

Great for Awareness

A lot of times, when a family gets a diagnosis they weren’t expecting it is a huge shock. There is so much information to research and the parents quickly become an expert in their child’s condition. Wearing these bracelets is a conversation starter and helps raise awareness...and when you bring awareness to a cause it has positive repercussions that you might never expect.

Great Style

Our handmade bracelets are a unique alternative to buying the silicone wristbands you see everywhere. Our bracelets tie to your wrist for a gentle reminder to send love and with our minimalist style you won’t mind wearing it every day. Both children and adults will love them and wear them proudly.


Need a specific color? Want to change the wording on the card? Have a story of a warrior you want to share?

Drop us a line!