The Love For Littles Shop

Two ways To Send Love And Support

Personalized Support

"When you see this bracelet on your wrist, please say a prayer and send some love to (Warrior's Name)."

Personalize your bracelet card by adding the name of a warrior.

Support Anyone

"When you see this bracelet on your wrist, please say a prayer and send some love to someone who needs it."

Show love and support to anyone that needs it.

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Single Bracelet

Color is customizable.


3 Bracelets

Colors are customizable.


20 Bracelets

Perfect for your extended family, friends, and co-workers.

Colors are customizable.


85 Bracelets

Great for fundraisers or benefits to raise money for a warrior or a cause.

Colors are customizable.


One to Wear One to Share

When you purchase one bracelet, we will donate one bracelet to a child currently in the hospital. It’s a great way for you to “pay it forward” and give a small gift to a small warrior fighting a big battle.

Color is customizable.


Love for OUR Littles Bracelet

When purchasing this bracelet handmade with love and intention, you get access to an online support group called “The Love for our Littles”, an emotional support from a community of caregivers who just “get it”.

Color is customizable.