Must Have Baby Items (especially for special needs!)

Published by Josie on January 10, 2023

These items are things that I have loved from my experience of having four children and one who has Down syndrome. Most things for most babies are good for a baby with special needs but there are definitely some extra things to consider. I am not a proponent for more things, more clutter, more money, …but these are my two top must haves!

Starting off with this mat! It is pricey but with the amount of time you will spend on the floor with your baby, your knees will thank you! I have gifted ours to another family who had a baby with Down syndrome and she tells me all the time that it was the best gift ever! I put this first because I truly, truly, truly think this is the best thing you could register for, buy, or ask for a gift…it is a need!

Next we are going in a much more cost effective route: this light up wand! This is perfect for so many activities. The bright lights will capture your baby’s attention and they will want to track it with their eyes. There is a slight vibration so it increases input when you place it on baby’s feet or hands. There is a quiet whirling noise which connects pathways in the brain from what baby sees to what they hear. As baby gets old it will motivate them to lift their head when doing tummy time or in a four point crawling position. They will want to reach for it when they are in crawling position which will help with weight transfer from side to side…should I keep going?! Because I totally could!

I have so many other things that I have loved but if you buy two things…these are the two I most highly recommend!


I have these linked with an Amazon affiliate link so if you purchase from the link, I receive a small amount but there is no cost difference to you. If you don’t feel comfortable with that just search amazon without using my link! It does NOT change my opinion in any way. I am just sharing what is my tried and true : )